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Violence in The Elections, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Following much controversy and delay in recent years, National Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will be held December 23, 2018.  A large turnout is expected.  Average Voter Turnout in the DRC is 67.04% even though elections have been described as rigged in the past.In a report published by The Brookings Institute in October of 2018, John Tomaszewski (regional director for Africa at the International Republican Institute), noted that, “Parliamentary, presidential, and local elections are going to take place simultaneously, a considerable first-time feat in the DRC… (Twardowski, A 2018)”.  Tomaszewski also said that, “new electoral technologies can certainly elevate the risk of fraud if there are not sufficient outside election observers to monitor the integrity of the process (ibid).The United Nations is taking an active role in attempting to police the electoral process, even though the current administration has opposed it.

In DR Congo, UN Security Council says December polls are ‘historic opportunity’ for country

Nevertheless, strong concerns persist about whether the December elections will be free and fair. See related story:

There have been as many as 25 candidates announced, but only a few serious ones.  With 40 million registered voters and untrained poll workers, getting the elections right will clearly be a tremendous challenge.  Whoever wins, the country faces enormous social, political, and economic stresses in the immediate future.

The current elections are critical for the future of the DRC, a sprawling, mineral-rich country.