News of DRC Election: Alain Lubamba Wants To Continue Progress As National Deputy

Alain Lubamba Running For National Deputy in DRC Congo Elections

Alain Lubamba Running For National Deputy in DRC Congo Elections

During my term in the National Assembly, I particularly contributed to the enactment of several bills in commissions and plenary sessions for the enrichment and the voting of various laws especially, those which concern the reforms of the sectors of the electricity, the environment, subcontracting, mining, public-private partnership and insurance.

Alain Lubamba Running For National Deputy in DRC Congo Elections
Alain Lubamba Running For National Deputy in DRC Congo Elections To Continue Progress

As part of the mining sector reform (MINING CODE), I personally initiated and proposed amendments of our country’s national interests, including the participation of Congolese individuals as shareholders in mining companies for no less than 10% of the shares. From now on, no mining company can be created and operated in DRC without the participation of Congolese citizens as shareholders.

My relationship with my electoral base in Kabinda in the province of Lomami is as strong as ever as I have been able to take much needed actions in the community in the areas of health, education, agriculture and rural development.

I’m running for a second term for the following reasons:  

Continue our fight for the operationalization and the actual materialization of the reforms mentioned above.  

Propose the amendment of Law No. 10/010 of 27 April 2010 on Government Procurement, regarding the amendment of the following: 

A. Article 37 which speaks of the national or regional preference by:  

– the increase in the rate of drawdown from 15% to 20% of the financial offer;

– the abolition of all companies, even those under Congolese law whose capital is mainly held by foreigners

B. the easing of requirements for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to obtain and issue guarantees required by sections 50, 51, 52 and 53 of the LRMP. There are:  

– the guarantee of the offer or tender;

– the guarantee of the good execution;

– the guarantee of repayment of advances or down payments.    

Propose the law on metrology to impose the principles and standards that guarantee quantitative measures in all sectors: health, food, etc.

At KABINDA, we will continue in the framework of the FOUNDATION ALAIN LUBAMBA, our program of endowment of computer equipment and solar panels to high schools that have business administration, commercial and secretarial subjects as their main fields of study in our villages.  We will also continue our farmer training program on perennial crops (coffee and palm) to enable farmers within the association to prepare for their retirements. Similarly, the metayage of rabbits and ducks will continue.  

 Those are, my constituents, my main agenda for the next legislature.

May God support us.

Honorable Alain LUBAMBA

National Deputy Candidate  

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