Parliament: Elections 2018

National Assembly, National Deputies of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

The members of the National Assembly are called National Deputies (Député National). They are elected by universal, direct and secret suffrage.

The candidates in the parliamentary elections are presented by political parties and by political groups. They may also present themselves as independents.

Every National Deputy is elected together with two proxies (suppléants).

The National Deputy represents the Nation.  The number of National Deputies as well as the conditions for their election and eligibility are determined by the electoral law.

Qualifications For Office:

A person who meets the following requirements may stand as a candidate in the parliamentary elections:

– be Congolese;
– be 25 years or older;
– enjoy all civil and political rights;
– not be subject to one of the exclusions provided for by the electoral law.

The National Deputy is elected for a term of five years. He may be re-elected. The term of office of the National deputy begins with the verification of his powers by the National Assembly and ends with the installation of the new Assembly.